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Elle Erre Elettronica (End of business ! )
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Some achievements

1,8-2,5 Ghz 10 W Amplifier
200 mW 2,4 Ghz digital audio transmitter
2,4 Ghz low pass filter
5 MHz video filter
500 W FM amplifier
5,7 Ghz digital audio video link
5,7 Ghz sectorial antenna
Professional stereo encoder
80 KHz low pass filter
27 MHz vfo
FM exciter
2 KW FM amplifier
Elle Erre Elettronica  Italy   Mobil: 329 2160849 e.mail:

Company outline
Elle Erre Elettronica was the telecomunication market since 1974, the operating range was the broadcast market, succesively also in the two-way radio, security sector, microwave and digital system and medium wave transmitter.
The production range was: medium wave, FM exciter, stereo and RDS encoder, VHF, UHF, SHF power  amplifier, radio link analogic and digital for audio or video signal up to 11,7 GHz, elicoidal  and parabolic antennas, synthesized oscillator, and radio frequency spare parts.
Our Goals
To make heavy duty modules
Offer professional low cost modules.
To guarantee technical servicing by  phone or directly
in our laboratories.
To make custom modules.

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